Lessons Learned From Traveling

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Abhinav Sethi

I love to travel. Only I keep putting the plans off. We are so busy in our lives that procrastinating travel plans comes very easy to us. However, about two weeks back, when my maternal uncle proposed a 5-day trip to Haridwar, Rishikesh, and Mussoourie I couldn’t say ‘no’ to it.

A lot of people associate traveling with a pleasurable experience, something that brings a change in their monotonous lives, which is true. However, there is much more to traveling than we know. Traveling heals, answers questions without even you asking, and most importantly- it gives you a deep sense of peace and tranquility that you essentially need.

My trip was also amazing. From the soothing ambience of the holy Harki Podi, to the breathtaking vistas that Mussoourie provided, everything was truly mesmerizing. And it was due to this trip, I had an epiphany which changed my life completely.

Since I was a school-going kid, I had this strong idea that when I grow-up I would like to become the best person in something. And I tried my hands at so many things. First, it was soccer. I joined the local sports stadium where I would practice football every evening with others. I got better at it, and even joined my school’s football team. However, later on I lost interest after getting to know that India doesn’t have a good stature for footballers.

Next came music. I was very fond of rock music, and thought maybe I should learn music and become an excellent musician. I started with my mom’s old guitar, and later on bought new ones too by saving money through teaching guitar lessons. Again, I got pretty good at it, but it was not good enough to make me qualify as one of the best guitarists. When I accepted the harsh reality I was very frustrated. After all, my only ambition to become great at something was not getting fulfilled. I begin to lose hope.

I was in my final year of engineering when in lieu of making extra pocket money I stumbled upon freelance writing. I wrote a few articles for someone, and got paid for it. It was an incredible feeling. I had written something which was good enough to be paid for. I started freelance writing on a regular basis, and eventually got better at it. However, after a couple of years I started becoming frustrated. I wanted to publish my own novel, and even wrote two, but I was not satisfied with my own products. I was again frustrated, and the pressure I had put on myself was not helping either.

I was totally lost, and began to lose faith in myself. However, during the trip, basking in the panoramic scenes from the hills of Mussoourie, an understanding, an epiphany dawned upon my subconscious mind. I was unaware of it then. But when I came home I realized the priceless lesson nature had taught me. The lesson was- don’t push too hard.

True, we should be passionate about the things we love, but not everyone can be an Einstein, a Beethoven, or a Micheal Angelo. I believed that with strong will and determination anything can be achieved, but not everyone is destined to achieve what he wants to achieve. I learned the hard way. But the good thing is that- at least I learnt the lesson sooner.

What the dauntless, unshakable hills of Mussoourie seemed to have told me was: believe in something, it could be anything, and love it with all your heart. But don’t worry about achieving great heights, or huge accomplishments. Just keep working hard, and eventually you will get satisfying results. You might not get exactly what you planned for, but still whatever you get, be happy with it, and be content that at least you tried your best. The journey of life is as important as the destination.


About Abhinav Sethi

Abhinav loves to write, read, travel, and listen to classical music. He is a budding technical writer in a renowned MNC and dreams of writing a classic novel one day.