Lessons Learned from being a Celebrity Maniac

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Lessons Learned from being a Celebrity Maniac

I am not very sure if you have heard of this phrase ‘Celebrity Maniac’ before. Let me give you a description of who this person is. That person is actually someone like me who gets hyper, jittery, restless, crazy, silly and every other adjective in this family, when he or she spots a celebrity. Now in my specific case, let me also clarify that celebrity does not mean someone who is super popular. It just means someone who a sizeable number of people know, someone who has appeared on TV, may or may not be related to the glamour world hence could be a politician, criminal, yoga guru, Police officer blah blah.

So I am a chronic case of a Celeb Maniac Disorder and I can quote several instances when I have embarrassed people around me because of this disease. I don’t go up to these ‘celebs’ and ask for a picture or an autograph. I just react very…stupid! I shriek, jump, peep, rub my hands vigorously- oh yes, all the crazy stuff. But being a maniac isn’t an easy job. There are many things I have learnt along the way. What are they?

1)     People think you are mad: My husband, by far, is the biggest testament of this craziness of mine. He started off by terming my madness as my cuteness. As time has passed, he calls me ONLY mad! And rightly so. Once on an Airport we spotted Baba Ramdev. While many people recognised him, you cannot imagine how jumpy I got at his sight. The reaction you see in Michael Jackson fan videos? Well, this reaction of mine is consistent to every spotting, regardless of the background of the celeb.

2) Then the same people stay cautious around you and point a celeb if they see one- Everyone who has heard or realised the graveness of my situation first called me mad but later joined me in fanning my mania. For instance my husband now squeezes my hand very gently, makes me promise him that I won’t shout a lot, and moves my head in a direction to point- “Look that girl from that Ad is here!”

3) You will never spot a Celeb at the most obvious place you are expecting- Airports and Bombay! These are the two places which I have zeroed down on where this craziness of mine is most likely to get satiated. But there have been some Bombay trips where I have returned empty handed. Those trips are sheer wastage of my time and efforts. I am on full alert here and when there has been no spotting, I sulk for days! Oh and recently while heading for a meeting in Khan Market of Delhi, I saw Mamik (Aamir’s elder brother in Jo Jeeta wahi Sikandar). So you see- life principles work here too. You will get what you want when you least expect it.

4) Celebrities know they are celebrities- When someone like me is around a Celeb, I am sure it’s a flattering experience. I can make even a small time TV celeb feel so good about himself (or herself). And I have seen them look at me from the corner of their eye acknowledging the fact -‘Great someone recognised me’. Wish I could tell them that I am suffering from a mania and its nothing to do with your popularity.

5) The Bubble- It is not very often but I have got an opportunity to interact with some known people for longer spells than a three second encounter. Two people instantly come to my mind- Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Mani Shankar Aiyer. Mr Aiyer was seated right next to us in an Airport waiting lounge once and the warmth he exuded in playing with my children made me realise that after all, these God-Like creatures in my head are also Human beings icon smile Lessons Learned from being a Celebrity Maniac

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