Bloggers Code of Ethics

Our bloggers’ code of ethics. These are the rules we shall follow in this blog:

  1. We believe that there is a lesson to learn from every Indian. We hope to bring these lessons to you through this blog
  2. We shall write on our own and not get a ghost writer to write for us.
  3. The words will be written as we hear them from our heart. If we quote others, we shall give due credits.
  4. We shall own up our responsibility of errors, when pointed out. We shall correct them as best as possible.
  5. We respect copyrights of others. While we will try not to violate them, if anything is brought to our notice, we shall take corrective action.
  6. Wherever we borrow words of others, weI shall attempt to give due credit to the source.
  7. We shall attempt not to hurt the feelings and sentiments of fellow human beings.
  8. We hold every opinion of our readers of this blog sacro sanct. Your opinion matters. Therefore, no matter how bitter they might be, we shall never delete your comments on this blog. Comments are unmoderated as long as they do not contain immoral and illegal content.
  9. We shall try to learn and put in adequate controls and checks to keep the website spam-free and virus-free.
  10. We may capture your email id and other private information from time to time in order to improve our services. We shall never use your private information for spamming you with unsolicited mails.
  11. We shall never write about any topic that is sexual, violent or illegal.
  12. We shall not instigate any communal or religious thoughts through our writings. We might borrow words from religious texts in order to impress the readers about the point. We respect all religions.
  13. Our focus is not to make money from this blog. However, in order to cover costs and to promote the thoughts in this blog, we reserve our right to seek sponsors and advertisers.
  14. Each blogger owns the right to his / her content. He or she reserves the right to publish the contents in this blog in any form and make it available at a cost.
  15. All rights are reserved in the blogger’s name. No one shall copy or modify or use the content of this blog, in any form, in part or in full without the blogger’s written permission.
  16. We reserve the right to offer premium content at a fee.
  17. Most of the content shall be free and do not require any opt-in. However, we might choose to offer locked content that require a certain action such as a social share or opt-in.
  18. We shall respect the privacy of those contact details we have access to.  We shall never sell the contacts to anyone ever.
  19. We shall not spam those who are in our contacts database. Every email shall offer an opt-out mechanism so that they could unsubscribe from our mails at any time.
  20. We shall not sell any affiliate products from this website. All outgoing links shall be non-affiliate links.
  21. We shall give full disclosure as per law and moral standards set by some of the best bloggers in the world. We shall remain open to learning from anyone on setting higher standards.
  22. We may choose to offer our content in words, podcasts, images and videos.
  23. We shall never advertise for this website through paid medium. We shall strive to offer quality content so that the website gets a loyal set of followers through word of mouth.
  24. We shall not resort to unethical methods in order to promote this website. If any such method, if employed unknowingly, is brought to our notice, we shall immediately attempt to correct the situation.
  25. This list itself will be updated. All changes will be clearly marked with dates.


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Krish Murali Eswar.

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