Lesson Learned from Dad


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Lessons Learned from Dad

Birthdays bring special memories. This whole month would have been a celebration if he had been with us. But sadly he chose to leave us early. I guess God missed his benevolence much more than we did. What lessons could I possibly pass on to my readers? In more ways than one it was a life well lived. A life filled with hope, love and inspiration. Let me just pick out some valuable lessons which I learnt by just being with him.

LOVE ALL: This is the first, most important and perhaps the most difficult lesson to observe in life for matter how genuine we are the world around us seems unfair but he did it so effortlessly till the very end. I have tried to walk in his footsteps till date. Trust me it’s difficult but spreading love has given me people who have stood by me through thick and thin. Forget the hurt and embrace love.

DREAM BIG: He was a fisherman’s son from the remote villages of RAMESWARAM. He was just a tiny part of a very large family with hardly any financial support but that didn’t deter him from dreaming big. Though medicine was his first love he ended up being a Chartered Accountant. His pursuit didn’t end there though. My little brother is now a doctor. The seed which was sown many years ago has now begun to bear fruit.

TOUCH LIVES: Dad’s life isn’t measured by the number of years he lived but by the number of lives he had touched throughout his journey. He just knew instinctively when to lend a hand to someone in need. I have never heard him say no nor did he expect anything in return. His no demands- no expectations still holds good for me too. All the goodness that people see in me is just a mere reflection of what I got from him.

BE THE CHANGE: “Your life is nothing but a reflection of the choices that you have made”. That’s what dad used to say every time I went into self pity mode. If your life seems unfair change it and re-structure it the way you want it to be. Your fate is in your hands. Stop blaming and start trying for I know you can. I guess I have given my life the best possible shot I can and I guess I owe it all to his immense faith in my abilities.


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  • Alana Mautone

    You had a remarkable father. I loved reading this story from “the other side of the world” (for me, living in the United States.) giving me a glimpse into your life, and culture.

  • Salesh Dipak Fernando

    Thanks for dropping by.. Yes Parenting is very different here.. We stay together through thick and thin

  • Rubina Ramesh

    “Dad’s life isn’t measured by the number of years he lived but by the number of lives he had touched throughout his journey.” That is one thought provoking line Salesh. I too know someone whose life though is not a long journey but the way he has touched lives- makes the ticking years look small in front of him. You are a lucky man to have known such a beautiful soul.