Lessons from Emotional Slumps

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Peaks and troughs dot life’s path.

Same as I cannot loftily sit atop a peak forever, I cannot stay in a trough for long. Even as I slide downwards, I can use the same momentum that is built while sliding down to catapult me upwards again. This is one lesson I am working on and can see myself improving.

The sadness that envelopes my heart when someone or something has in my perception, hurt me, can keep me heavy and downcast for a while, or not. I do work at looking at the coin from all the sides but even then it can take varied amounts of time to accept and move ahead without rancour.

When feeling low, a friend apparently uses the approach of ‘toughening up’. This set me thinking. What lay within the two words?

Did they mean that one should simply shove everything as deep down as one can and try and forget, which is only an escape and no escape is permanent. Did the words mean that one should balance the heart and the head and allow logic to prevail, thereby allowing the strength of the emotions to fizzle and lose strength over one? The latter thought makes sense.

Finally I found what I could draw from this and use practically and as always my answer lay with -yoga. Surprise surprise J So it was not so much a find, it was a return. I find that I wandered from applying this knowledge again and again, only to return with a sense of sheepishness, that all that I need and ever will, lies in me. This returning has become much quicker in the recent times. Maybe one day I would stop wandering away, altogether.

Whenever the heaviness of the heart got too much to bear, all I had to do was to be with my exhale. Every exhale going down towards the feet takes away with it the burden and the weight of anything that we tenaciously cling on to.

The mind, the constant oscillation between the past and the now, the what ifs, the whys and everything that helps us cling on with passion to a downward plunging thought process loosens its hold upon us and we are free to be in the present and be productive. Simply by being with the exhale as it goes down the body and the inhale as it moves upwards. We then move out of the head and into the body, which is a far better space to inhabit. I have found it best to visit the mind when needed.

Writing- has time and again proven to be another tool at such a time.

The very act of stringing words together, to express as closely as possible to what I think or feel brings my entire being together. Thinking becomes worthwhile. The mind, the body, the breath –unite.

The fragmentation of the being caused by an emotional slump then turns into a restful sense of ease and cheer. One is able to move past the trough and starts upwards towards a peak or stay comfortably on the plain grounds of equanimity.

About Sunila

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Sunila Vig

Sunila lived in Australia for twelve years and all over India as a child. Now she lives in Bangalore, India with her family.

She is a lecturer of Communication to MBA students and is a practising Yoga teacher.  Sunila was introduced to books by book-loving parents at an early age and devoured them at every opportunity.

Nature, music and art mean a lot to her and she loves solitude and noisy fun in equal measure. She expresses herself through a variety of creative channels-singing, pottery, sketching and writing.

Sunila writes fiction and poetry both in English and Hindi. Her debut collection of short stories in Hindi, “Nirjharr”, was published by the Karnataka Hindi Sahitya Parishad.

Poetry and short stories authored by her have been published in a variety of medium.
She is a Post graduate in English Literature from Kuvempu University in the verdant Malnad region of Karnataka, that has given the world a large number of writers and artists.
She can be reached through her FB page https://www.facebook.com/SunilaVigAuthor?ref=hl

Blog www.sunilavigauthor.blogspot.com

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  • nabanita21

    I identify with what you have written here you know…I do and writing certainly helps in such times

    • Sunila Vig

      Tks Naba, yes it does , doesn’t it :)

  • Tweetsmom

    Writing helps but I have found since I am more artistic, losing myself in the midst of my work brings me peace and solace no matter what is going around in the world around me.

    • Sunila Vig

      Oh totally Kathy, art, writing, nature anything that takes us to our place of peace.

  • http://letbeautybeyourconstantideal.blogspot.in/ Beloo Mehra

    Such a lovely, heart-felt writeup. I really like how you speak of returning to yoga and hoping that one day there may be no more wandering. This was very touching. I hope the same for me. Thanks Sunila for sharing these very important life lessons, and doing it in such a kind and gentle way.

    • Sunila Vig

      Tks dear Beloo for ur understanding n sweet comment :) yes, let there be no more wandering away from the inner-connect/peace for us and everyone else.

  • midget38

    Writing helps us writers, definitely. We use every tool we can to work through these emotional hangups!

    • Sunila Vig

      so true, n there are umpteen other tools if one wants to use them