Lessons Learned from my Baby

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Lessons Learned from my Baby

My eight year old began to teach me things right after I conceived. About the miracle that life is, starting off from one cell and growing till it’s time to exit the mother’s womb and everything that life can be right from the first wail to draw in air into the lungs and begin to breathe.

Ideally this post should have come before the post on my child, but ideas have their own mind as to when they appear in our head and so it is only today that this particular post decided to get written.

So, here are a few B pointers from my baby icon smile Lessons Learned from my Baby

Bawl or make a noise at times:

The first thing that a baby does at birth is to cry, if this doesn’t happen naturally then it’s little behind is spanked to make it cry. The lungs are flat and the surfaces stuck to each other at birth. Only when the baby opens its mouth to cry, air enters and the lungs bellow out like sails filled with air.

And thus life on earth, out of the cradling warmth of placental fluids, begins.

Bawling becomes a way of letting us know that the baby wants something or is not at ease.

Similarly there are times in life when sitting quietly may not help, given the nature of situations and people and one may have to make a little noise to get things going. Bawling at times can be therapeutic too, instead of bottling up pressure inside us.

Bliss is surrender and surrender is bliss

The surrender of my baby in its helpless infant state was complete. She drew from me the softest and most protective feelings that anything ever could. She was always in bliss, blowing bubbles when awake or looking around with her black-grape eyes, getting nutrition with single pointed focus, sleeping, soiling her nappies

I am not going to say that we surrender to everything and everyone (unless we are fairly advanced in our inner growth), but there are many times when we have tried our best and all we can do is surrender and things flow and take their own course. This is not a helpless feeling of giving up but one where we willingly allow a higher energy to do what is best.

What happens then is that the stress washes away and all we are left with is peace.

Being and agility

What can be more in the state of simply be-ing than a baby?

One may say that what else can a baby do but be, for it cannot do much else. In any case it would serve us well to unwind, giggle, coo, gurgle, tickle, blow bubbles along with a baby and learn to enjoy that moment, beyond everything else.

When my baby was awake she moved her arms and legs almost all the time and we would do well by moving our bodies to stay agile too.

Born singers

My baby was a born singer, and her little voice cooed and rose up in an ‘aaroh’ or descended in an ‘avroh’ many times a day, exercising her vocal chords and filling our hearts with joy.

We adults could try it alone if we are shy and let go of tension that gets held up in the throat and neck. If not singing, long chants of Om would ease us and fill us with pleasing vibrations of sound.


Babies know how much milk they need, usually and stop when they are full. Of course there is the unusual little glutton that doesn’t know when to stop, but that’s very rare.

Sometimes parents of young children force feed them and thus spoil their inner mechanism which tells them when they are full.

At times we adults eat to fill more than our little stomach bags. We are often filling holes in our psyche, eating out of boredom, eating out of greed, eating out of sorrow, over-eating to celebrate. This one is a toughie and most of us grapple with it.

 B for baby and B for belly-breath icon smile Lessons Learned from my Baby

My baby’s soft tummy would rise and fall, rise and fall with the natural breathing patterns that life blesses the newly born with.

Nature gives each of us this gift and somewhere in the midst of growing up, damage occurs. The simple filling in of the entire torso space with air like an inflating balloon and exhaling while emptying ourselves of air, changes.

If we take note, some of us do not breathe naturally most of the times, these patterns worsening at times of stress. We begin to clench our stomach muscles without our knowledge, breathing mainly from the chest area, thereby increasing stress, causing aches in the shoulder-neck region, weakening the back and a host of internal imbalances.

We can if we like, once again give to ourselves the natural breath, a baby’s breath.

I hope these lessons resonate with you dear reader and while parting I would like to share one last thing with you. Having, holding, watching and nurturing my baby in turn nurtured me and this has become a continual process as the baby unfolds into a little girl, always giving back far more than I could ever hope to give.

 About Sunila

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Sunila Vig

Sunila lived in Australia for twelve years and all over India as a child. Now she lives in Bangalore, India with her family.

She is a lecturer of Communication to MBA students and is a practising Yoga teacher. Sunila was introduced to books by book-loving parents at an early age and devoured them at every opportunity.

Nature, music and art mean a lot to her and she loves solitude and noisy fun in equal measure. She expresses herself through a variety of creative channels-singing, pottery, sketching and writing.

Sunila writes fiction and poetry both in English and Hindi. Her debut collection of short stories in Hindi, “Nirjharr”, was published by the Karnataka Hindi Sahitya Parishad.

Poetry and short stories authored by her have been published in a variety of medium. She is a Post graduate in English Literature from Kuvempu University in the verdant Malnad region of Karnataka, that has given the world a large number of writers and artists.

She can be reached through her FB page https://www.facebook.com/SunilaVigAuthor?ref=hl

Blog – www.sunilavigauthor.blogspot.com
Twitter @whitefielder


  • http://letbeautybeyourconstantideal.blogspot.in/ Beloo Mehra

    What Beautiful B lessons from a Baby! I particularly liked the way you spoke about Bliss and Surrender. Beautiful post, Sunila!

    • Sunila Vig

      And B for Beloo, love that :) Thanks dear girl :)

  • Monica Deshpande

    Nice one, Sunila, as usual. I can empathise with the bawling bit – a good cry now and again doesn’t hurt anyone. And Bon Apetit was a good reminder to me to trust my little one’s appetite and not make him finish what’s in his plate. Thanks! :)

    • Sunila Vig

      Monica, tks luv, it does lighten one, doesnt it :) I try to stick to that point usually except when Ms. G eats exactly 1 morsel n stops just because there’s something interesting on tv :D

      • Monica Deshpande

        Ah, Sunila. I am trying to get R to eat without the TV and on days that it works I feel like I have found the Holy Grail!!

  • http://www.destinychildosheen.blogspot.com rajlakshmi

    Those are beautiful lessons … I loved the fact about breathing. It made me conscious of how I breath.

    • Sunila Vig

      Tks Raj :) How Do you breathe, I’d be interested to know :)

  • Sulekha

    Some lovely lessons shared here :) I agree about adults over eating to fill some void in their psyches, kids are the best teachers.

    • Sunila Vig

      Tks Sulekha. Absolutely and for all awareness I can find myself crave sweet when I’m stressed, I try and have just a little bit or eat a chunk of jaggery :)

  • obsessivemom

    Beautifully written Sunila. Somehow those early days of your children when they were infants never leave you. That happiness remains untouched no matter how old they grow. And they do leave us with valuable lessons.

    • Sunila Vig

      Tks n so true Tulika, the joy n tender feelings stay right inside us :)