Lessons Learned from My Daughter

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Lessons Learned from my Daughter

It’s been a wonderful seven and a half years of parenting, with its share of ups and downs and occasional outbursts. There are no perfect or correct methods to follow when it comes to parenting. As parents I believe that we need to be highly flexible in our approach. Each day awaits a new learning and a new surprise.

They say that, ‘The child is the father of the man’ and I completely agree to this. In the past seven plus years my daughter, Samu has taught me some very important life lessons. This ‘Children’s Day’, I would like to share them with you all.

One Activity at a time:

This is one of the most important lessons Samu has taught me. Reading, playing, dancing or watching TV, she is completely engrossed in that one particular activity. Her full focus on one activity at a time leaves her refreshed and even more energetic for the next activity.

As adults, we are so fascinated by multi-tasking, which I guess drains us out by the end of the day. I started following her footsteps. Now whenever I am cooking or doing household chores or writing, I completely concentrate and give my 100% to the task in hand. This ensures that, I enjoy the tasks and also helps me to give my best.


I do shout at my daughter, I am guilty for having spanked her, but that doesn’t stop her from cuddling and kissing me. Unlike adults, children don’t know to hold grudges; they have a pure heart, which knows to forgive people. This is what makes them even more special.

As adults our ego stops us from forgiving others. What if we too could cultivate the habit of forgiveness, how much peace, will our soul get…isn’t it?

Try new things:

She keeps on trying new ways to comb her hair, to write, to play, to keep her toys and her clothes. This is something which amuses me a lot. Today she might have kept her toys in lower shelf, tomorrow, it will be in another. I asked her once, “Samu why do you keep shifting your toys?” “Mumma toys ko bore ho jaata hai, same place na, so I shift”, she replied.

At times, you really need to shift your focus and try out something different, or do things differently. Maybe you will get different results.

Ask questions:

When we sit to study, she has a list of endless questions and till the time, she is not completely satisfied with the answers, she will keep bombarding me with her questions. When I ask her to do something, again there is a nonstop Q&A session.

Every time, I am confused, I do the same. I ask myself questions, and I get the answers to all my challenges, always.

Not comfortable, just leave:

When I take Samu to birthday parties or functions, she will only play with children she is comfortable with. The moment she senses, someone is behaving badly or is being unfair, she will move away from that person. How simple it is for her, however, we adults, try to please everyone and at the end remain stressed out.

Be happy for small things:

There are times, when Samu is happy just like that, no particular reason. A balloon, some colour pencils, her favourite cartoon, tiny droplets of rain, the sun shine, the flowers…they all make her smile.

There are so many things to be happy and grateful about. Good health, a secure job, friends, food to eat and the list is endless. Find happiness in the small things, big things will follow!

What are some of the things your child has taught you, I am curious to hear them. Do share them with me, here.

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