Lessons Learned from Diwali

Diwali 300x157 Lessons Learned from Diwali

Lessons Learned from Diwali

We all know about Diwali. It is synonymous with shopping, crackers, sweets and basically having a festive time around. But there are many valuable lessons that many have learnt from it. We asked around many people the following question –

“What’s the one thing you have learned not to do on Diwali?”

and these were the answers –

“I have learned never to try and burst a rocket or any cracker for that matter by holding it in hand. And another hard lesson was trying to explain to my parents as to how the showcase windows broke when I experimented with bursting crackers indoors.” K.S. Manikandan, Film maker

“One thing that I never to do on Diwali is probably shopping. That’s because you are tempted to buy stuff that you don’t want or need. I would rather donate that amount for a good cause and help someone else. Diwali for us Indians has become like Chrtistmas in the Western world. It should be family time. Instead people are more interested in what gifts they get and what offers are around.” Sid Balachandran, Blogger and Author

“I have learnt not to sit at home watching TV. That’s because it is mostly pointless with crackers bursting. I would rather visit a temple or go away some place.” Yamini Vijendran, Author, Blogger and Freelance Writer

“I have learnt not to burst crackers. I would rather take a few street kids for dinner.” Rubina Ramesh, Author and Blogger.

“My family and I have learnt not to burst crackers on Diwali.” Sundari Venketraman, Author and Blogger

It’s been about 13 years, since I bought or burst crackers. Firstly, I’m an ardent animal-lover and can’t understand why animals have to be traumatised. When I love them so much, it’s just natural for me to restrain from bursting crackers. Calvin, my 11 year old pet dog, wouldn’t eat for about five days during Deepavali. And wouldn’t come out for walks. Ensconced under the sofa/bed, my canine-friend would literally die of sounds. I reckon, however clichéd it sounds, it is a festival of lights. And we must stick to that fact.” Deepika Ramesh, Journalist and Animal Lover

“I have learnt never to be careless around crackers. Burnt myself once and seen Dad being hurt very badly once. Another thing I have learnt is not to drive unnecessarily as there is bound to be crazy traffic on the days leading to Diwali. If you have to go, leave three hours before the designated time!” Parul Tyagi, Author and Blogger

“I have learnt not to overeat sweets. (To tell the truth, my family hides it from me)” Venketesh Ramakrishnan, Author

“Definitely clothes …. Don’t remember the year …two of my sisters in law and myself had a common tailor Blouses were given for stitching and all three of us were threatening the tailor to stitch and give it on time. The fun part was without the knowledge of others , I asked him to get mine done first ….and they followed suit. In the end, he did not stitch any of our blouses. Reason – no time But the real reason was he lost my elder sister in law’s measurement blouse and got very scared. He hid all our blouses and gave it back ten days after Diwali. I learned to buy readymade blouses for Diwali from then on…” Usha Seshadri, Avid Reader

“I have learnt not to burst crackers. I mean I loved crackers as a kid but eventually got put off by the pollution and the littered streets the next morning, which no one bothers to clean up.” Shuchi Singh Kalra, Author, Blogger and Freelance Writer

“My children showed me how animals and plants get disturbed when we burst crackers. My wife showed me satellite pictures of India on Deepavali day. I have given up bursting crackers for over a decade now.” Krish Murali Eswar, Vaastu Expert and Mentor

“I have learnt not to splurge money on crackers. They create unwanted noise and burn a hole in the pocket (pun intended).” Abhinav Sethi, Author, Blogger and Freelance Writer

“Revisit old wounds hah ahhahaha. Seriously I would say do not over indulge on sweets and gossip. My family donates equal money to charity that we spend on clothes eat and lights It’s our way of showing gratitude for all that we have.” Radha Srinivasan, Entrepreneur and Avid Reader

I don’t believe in buying crackers for diwali. I personally believe that the money can be spent in some way to make the poor happy 2.bursting crackers can create accidents. My personal decision alone won’t make much impact, but I believe that’s a small step towards the society. Rajalingam Manickavasan, Digital Marketing Consultant & Founder- Toss Digiconsult

If you have more lessons to add, please post a comment with your lesson and share it with your friends and followers. Have a happy, joyful and a safe Diwali from the Lessons Learned Team

  • Sundari Venkatraman

    Nice post! I think crackers truly spoil the environment and this enlightenment hit my family when we visited Singapore during Diwali. Crackers are banned in that country as they pollute. It really made sense. Soon, my whole family, who used to be crazy about crackers, just gave them up.

    • Sumeetha Manikandan

      Yes Sundari. Makes a lot of sense.