Lessons learned from Driving

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Lessons Learned from Driving

Driving is something which I wanted to learn from years but then I had a phobia of driving. Yes you heard it right, thanks to my numerous dashing car (the game) experiences and the suggestions that my friends gave me, ‘Please you never drive a car the population of India will start decreasing’ But recently, I made a vow to get over this phobia and to learn driving. Everything in life teaches us many things and driving too taught me some lessons for lifetime.

The road is full of idiots I am sure you might have heard this one before, as a tagline of Ceat tyres and it is truly apt for the Indian roads. I came across a group of college students completely engrossed in their mobile phones crossing the road and suddenly they stopped…exactly on the middle of the road and started giggling. I was confused as to what to do….and had to apply the break immediately.

Walk and talk is not a safe option When ‘Idea’ came up with this idea of ‘Walk and talk’, little did they know that people will take it seriously. I come across college students to old aunties, who are super busy talking over the phone, completely ignoring the road and the vehicles. And if I honk, then they immediately give me that stare as if I have stolen their priceless treasure.

Rules are made to break My instructor was busy teaching me the rules of right and left indicator when I saw a man taking a left turn without giving the indicator. How am I supposed to know if he is going to take the straight road or turn left? Seeing the confused look on my face, my instructor said, “Madam, this is India, here rules are made to break”.

You have complete control As a driver; I have the complete control over my car. I can stop, accelerate and decrease the speed at my will and how cool is that. We have the freedom to choose which route to take and when take, don’t we? I wondered, isn’t it the same with life. We have complete control of how to respond, what to think and how to act, don’t we?

I am enjoying this phase, wherein I get to drive a different car every day. Hopefully, I break the myth that women are not that great at driving icon smile Lessons learned from Driving

Gayatri Aptekar

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Gayatri Aptekar

A curious student of Life, Gayatri believes in the power of Dreams. She quit her career as a Research Associate to follow her passion of writing and interacting with people. A Master Practitioner of NLP, she is a NLP Healer and a life coach. She can be found at “Outside the Kitchen Window” (gsaptekar84@gmail.com ) wielding her magical wand to pen her thoughts, poems, fictitious stories, mouth-tingling recipes and book

  • Sheethal susan

    I took my license when I hit 18! Yup, it was on my bucket list. and from that day till i shifted from India, the number of you scars on my knees and hands are infinite. i even lost that feminine touch n my hands :( … thanks to all these kind of riders and also my speed. but one thing… if you can drive through the roads of India, then you can rive in any country!

    Nice one Gayatri. :)