Lessons Learned from Fatigue

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Lessons Learned from Fatigue

The body rarely ever lies.

It communicates to us varied information about ourselves and if we are ready to listen and decipher we stand to gain immensely.

Something is not right

Fatigue is of course always a warning that something is not quite right and one that we usually do not heed till it’s too late and whatever the issue, it gets magnified many times and we are pushed to knock at the Doctor’s door. If we delve into the cause there could be one or there could be many and the sooner we decide to dig deep into the root, the better. As with anything, pretending it’s something that will go away is just not a wise choice.


The first signal that fatigue could be giving us is quite logical and simple, that we need to rest more, or at a better time. Maybe our body is asking us to go to bed earlier. Maybe we are so hung up on an addiction that keeps us awake for longer hours that we do not heed the natural call of the body when it tells us to drop everything and rest. This could be anything right from reading, finishing up work, social media or any other form of entertainment.


Interesting that as the world progresses at a frenetic pace towards more material advancement and technology the number of allergies are on the rise. Tiredness for no reason could be a sign of something not sitting well with body, the prime accused here being gluten and dairy.

I have recently found that I feel much more energetic after having given up milk. Yogurt/curds suits me fortunately and is great for gut health so that’s my saving grace since I can’t imagine giving up dairy altogether hailing from a culture where it is used extensively in cooking and sweets.

There are many people who are allergic to the above two but are either unaware or too lethargic to give it much thought.


The lack of balance in the stream of thoughts that we call the mind can cause lack of ease, an inability to choose healthy thoughts over unhealthy, negative ones, allowing the mind to buzz with greater thought energy than is necessary to maintain our peace- all of it can lead to tiredness.

An imbalance between how much we need and how much we want, between what we want to achieve and what we can, all of it can lead to fatigue.


There could be an emotional energy drain in one’s life which one is unaware of. This could be a person, a group of people, a material object or a situation.

One of the above could be draining you of energy, either by being a negative influence in your life or by being so needy that you end up giving them a lot more energy in many ways than you can afford to. Result- you are drained.

Finally, awareness and the wish to live a complete life replete with health is the key to figuring out the why and wherefore of fatigue and finding out ways of getting rid of it.


About Sunila Vig

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Sunila Vig

Sunila lived in Australia for twelve years and all over India as a child. Now she lives in Bangalore, India with her family.

She is a lecturer of Communication to MBA students and is a practising Yoga teacher.
Sunila was introduced to books by book-loving parents at an early age and devoured them at every opportunity.

Nature, music and art mean a lot to her and she loves solitude and noisy fun in equal measure. She expresses herself through a variety of creative channels-singing, pottery, sketching and writing.

Sunila writes fiction and poetry both in English and Hindi. Her debut collection of short stories in Hindi, “Nirjharr”, was published by the Karnataka Hindi Sahitya Parishad.

Poetry and short stories authored by her have been published in a variety of medium.The most recent is the story Vishkanya, which features in the anthology, Sins of the Past, available on Amazon. She is a Post graduate in English Literature from Kuvempu University in the verdant Malnad region of Karnataka, that has given the world a large number of writers and artists.
She can be reached through her FB page https://www.facebook.com/SunilaVigAuthor?ref=hl

Blog www.sunilavigauthor.blogspot.com

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  • http://www.ruchisingh.in Ruchi Singh

    This post should be made a mandatory read. The signals which our body sends out, should be heard and paid attention to. Great Sunila!

    • Sunila Vig

      Thanks Ruchi, what a perfect comment :D

  • http://letbeautybeyourconstantideal.blogspot.in/ Beloo Mehra

    A very helpful and informative read. I particularly value the point about mental balance, and the need to have control on our thinking/thought process. Thanks Sunila for writing this!

    • Sunila Vig

      Tks Beloo for reading and the comment :)

  • nabanita21

    So important to heed to the signals of our body

    • Sunila Vig

      Tks Naba :)

  • Aditi Kaushiva

    We should always listen to our bodies. True, they never lie. Excellent write up Sunila!

    • Sunila Vig

      Tks Aditi :)

  • shilpagarg

    Agree, our bodies give us plenty of signals when we’re tired. It is important for us to decipher these alerts and act on them! A very informative post, Sunila! Thanks for sharing!

    • Sunila Vig

      Tks Shilpa, they do dont they, only if we are ready to listen

  • elly stornebrink

    Sunila you have gotten to some of the root causes of fatigue that are so important for us to know. I like the one about resting from social media…I think blogging! ;) <3

    • Sunila Vig

      Elly :D Tks dear girl. Hugs

  • Vasantha Vivek

    Brilliant post, Sunila !!! Always life teach us with many lessons in an unexpected ways …….