Lessons Learned from Hay Day

LessonsLearned652 300x187 Lessons Learned from Hay Day

Lessons Learned from Hay Day

Well why not? I never really realized that there were so many lessons to learn from a game like Candy Crush. This led me to reflect and examine yet another game that I really love to play – Hay Day.

When I first started playing this game, I thought that it would be similar to Farmville – one of the first app games that I had played couple of years ago. But Hay Day is not only different but definitely better than Farmville in terms of interface, graphics and unlike Farmville there is a lot of business wisdom that we can learn from this game.

Prioritizing the tasks

One of the first things that you get when you start playing this game is a small piece of land and some crops to grow – Wheat, Corn, Carrot, Soyabean etc. You will learn to rotate the crops, to grow and harvest them and to store them in the Silo. The produce that you grow can be used to make products such as wheat bread, corn bread, carrot cake, cow produce and chicken feed. As you grow the crops in the fields, the first thing you learn here is to balance the produce, allot priorities and take orders that give you maximum profit. You also learn what to store and what not to store in barn and the silo where space is always premium.

Supply and Demand

Hayday teaches us important lessons in supply and demand. When you have truck, boat and personal orders to cater to, you will need to look at the lay of your land and decide how much to grow there and the time that it takes to grow and use the produce to make the products. When the demand for a particular product goes up, you go to the market and buy the product. As you fill in order after order, you have the option of investing more money into farm products such as Jam maker, cake factory, juice maker etc. You also learn to stock up products and ingredients well in advance so that when the boat comes in, you are ready with your stock.

Creating a product

Hay day gives you the space to grow many things in your farm that can be either sold to customers or fellow farmers. As you gain experience, you will notice that certain items like brown sugar, white sugar, syrup, cream, butter are never put on sale as they are the most needed ingredients to make products like cake and cookies. Smart farmers make a profit out of selling these ingredients to others who have desperate boat orders to complete. One of the most important life lesson that any business person can learn here is to always focus on products that have a perennial demand.

Get into the habit of growing things

I have always loved to look at other people’s farms to see how they have arranged the fields, the trees, the barn and other farm buildings and it is amazing to see that people have built all that using just a strip of land that the game gives you at the beginning. This is the most valuable lesson of this game. Grow crops, plants and trees. They will take care of your future prospects.