Lessons Learned from Kung Fu Panda

DSC036641 300x225 Lessons Learned from Kung Fu Panda

Gayatri Aptekar

I am a big fan of Hollywood Animated movies and as a movie buff, I watch them every time they are aired on TV. I believe that Hollywood movies teach you many life lessons and I actually keep a notepad and pen next to me, to note down my favourite quotes from the movie. Kung Fu Panda is one such movie, which I have seen maybe ten times, yet each time, it teaches me something new.

I instantly fell in love with the cute, chubby Panda who, like me is a foodie as well. The movie connected to me at an unconscious level and inspired me in many ways. Here are some of the lessons that have etched in my memory forever…..

The Power of Belief

This is one of the most significant lessons that this movie teaches. Oogway asks Shifu to just believe and train Panda and that belief leads to the victory of the Dragon Warrior. Our beliefs shape our destiny and I strongly believe in this. No matter where you are and what you are going through, believe that something awesome and wonderful is going to happen to you….very soon. Every now and then, check your beliefs, remove limiting beliefs (like, I can’t/ It will never happen), if any and instil empowering beliefs.

Living in the Present

When Po says he wants to quit and get back to making noodles, Oogway interrupts and says, “You are too concerned about what was and what will be. There is a saying: yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the “present.” Such a profound thought, isn’t it? Too many times we are concerned about what will happen in the future and at times, we are busy playing the old record from our past. And in all this, we are unable to enjoy what we are doing. What if we shut all the thoughts from past and worry about the future and completely focus on the present. I bet we will be 100 times more productive and happy than we are now.

Everything happens for a reason

When Oogway says, ‘There are no accidents’, what he meant was, everything happens for a reason. It is just that maybe we are not yet aware of the higher purpose or the bigger picture. Many times in our life, certain things happen and we are unable to understand why it happened at that time, but after few years, when we look back, we can connect the dots, easily.


Po struggled initially to fit amidst the ‘Dangerous Five’ .He was ridiculed for being fat and the Kung Fu training took a toll on him physically, yet he persevered. When we take the road less travelled, we could face challenges, but our perseverance will shape our destiny.

Finding the connection

Po was a foodie and Shifu struggled initially to train him. But later, he used the same food as a motivation to train Po. At times our weaknesses can become our strongest strengths and they can shape our destiny. We all are motivated to do certain things very easily, like watching TV, or movies, playing games, shopping, sleeping or trekking, but when it comes to other things like studies, working on a project, meeting a client or reading a book, many of us laze around and find excuses. What if we could use the same technique that Shifu used on Po? We all are unique and it is our uniqueness that helps us stand out in the crowd.

There is no Secret

Po’s father had initially told him that there was secret ingredient that he puts in the noodles soup and Po believes in it. But later he discovers that there was no secret ingredient. The Magic lies within us and we have tremendous potential, it is just that we haven’t unlocked it until now. We have all the necessary resources within us, to build an even more richer, abundant and awesome life, now!

  • Sunila Vig

    Lovely post Gayatri. It was a truly great film on many levels and it was a joy to see it with my little one who was five and a half when we saw it together.