Lessons Learned from my Mother

sunila2 105x300 Lessons Learned from my Mother

Sunila Vig

Our first earthly embryonic abode

The first person we connect with

Nurturer, protector, teacher

The One trusty lap of love

The mother

Lessons aplenty has each of us learned from our parents as we grow up watching them, many a thing have we picked and emulated mindfully, a few traits we have twisted to our own persona or convenience and yet others we have used to become cautious against things the pitfalls of which our parents may have been innocent of.

I will now zero in on some gems I have gleaned from my mother Swarnalata’s life and the manner in which she has led it.


She was an athlete par excellence and has done her coach training from the National institute of sport, Patiala. She was a theatre enthusiast and acted on stage and on AIR. Trophies, awards and kudos and the like found her firmly grounded and with no trace of pride.

In all the black and white pictures of my mother I have found her to be one of the most simply dressed, yet dignified lasses in the group. She remained thus all her life and is a dignified, yet simple 75 year old now.

Living in the now

I have rarely seen her dwell on the past for much more than a few minutes, if at all. The now is where she lives, almost all the time. The result is that she achieves a lot each day and does not carry mental baggage to hamper her life’s flow.

Carefree attitude

She does not brood and worry like I am wont to do at times. I guess she does get worried when something worrisome happens or about the well-being of her near and dear but she never lets it grip her in a debilitating fashion and shakes it off with prayer and goes on blithely.


Anything that does not happen according to plan only gets these responses from her. There will be a way out of this or it will all be fine in the end. What is lost will be found and what has gone wrong will be righted.

Detachment from material possessions

She has lived in adverse conditions as well as in a great deal of comfort but neither bothers her very much. Property, jewels, clothes mean very less to her and people are far more important to her than the transient goods.

Healthy attachment

Her attachment to us, her first family and her siblings goes very deep, without shackling her. Ma can still live a fulfilling life far away from everyone. Being in anyone’s good books means zilch to her and she can love people despite any harm they have caused her.


Hardly anything throws her off balance for long. When she fell and broke her wrist badly, she called an ambulance and went to hospital, leaving a note to my dad which said she was at the hospital. A flood while we were in Danapore, killing a cobra with a stick, nursing ailing relatives nothing ever seemed too much to her.

Inward outlook and accountability to self

My mother looks inward for any guidance she may need. Gratitude and belief in the almighty are her mainstays and anything she does goes through her internal scanner in complete detail and truthfulness.

Acceptance and open-ness

My mother accepts whatever comes to her without a grumble. A woman of all climes and seasons, very rarely does she judge people and is generally open to the varied vagaries of human nature, including mine. She has never been stuck mentally and is proficient with the demands of the current times be it social media or doing aqua-aerobics at the gym.


Ma is enthusiastic. She loves reading and reads whatever she can lay her hand on, usually. She plays table-tennis twice a week and come rain or shine is to be found at her TT club, brandishing the racket on the stipulated days.

All in all she is quite a fantastic human being. I only hope that I don’t embarrass her too much with having written at such length about her.


About Sunila

Sunila lived in Australia for twelve years and all over India as a child. Now she lives in Bangalore, India with her family. She is a lecturer of Communication to MBA students and is a practising Yoga teacher.  Sunila was introduced to books by book-loving parents at an early age and devoured them at every opportunity.

Nature, music and art mean a lot to her and she loves solitude and noisy fun in equal measure.
She expresses herself through a variety of creative channels-singing, pottery, sketching and writing.

Sunila writes fiction and poetry both in English and Hindi. Her debut collection of short stories in Hindi, “Nirjharr”, was published by the Karnataka Hindi Sahitya Parishad.

Poetry and short stories authored by her have been published in a variety of medium. She is a Post graduate in English Literature from Kuvempu University in the verdant Malnad region of Karnataka, that has given the world a large number of writers and artists. She can be reached through her FB page https://www.facebook.com/SunilaVigAuthor?ref=hl

Blog www.sunilavigauthor.blogspot.com

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  • Hema Anavatti

    Lovely! Made me smile this post! :)
    Your mom seems like such a beautiful and lovely person Sunila! :)
    you are indeed blessed :)

    • Sunila Vig

      Tks Hema:)Glad u enjoyed it , Yes she is as is every mum I guess :)

  • midget38

    Your mum is a wise lady, indeed!

    • Sunila Vig

      Tks luv:)

  • http://letbeautybeyourconstantideal.blogspot.in/ Beloo Mehra

    You are indeed a lucky daughter, Sunila! Your mom sounds like such a wise and inspiring person. Sending her good wishes and respects. I admire the spirit of this post very much. Thank you!

    • Sunila Vig

      Tks dear Beloo , will pass on ur regards to her. She was in shock on reading this post :D

  • obsessivemom

    Your mum sounds like such an exceptional person Sunila. She broke her wrist and went off to hospital on her own?? Gawd! Didn’t even feel like a tiny whine? Exceptional for sure.

    • Sunila Vig

      Isn, t it , I, d have never passed over the chance to get pampered :) Tks Tulika :)

  • Monica Deshpande

    What a wonderful tribute to your mum, Sunila. She sounds like an amazing person and someone I would love to meet. Thank you for sharing these beautiful anecdotes.

    • Sunila Vig

      Monica tks luv. Maybe when she visits me next time , you coukd visit me too :)