Lessons Learned from my Second Business Venture

pic11 300x180 Lessons Learned from my Second Business Venture

Lessons Learned

It is always tough to quit your first business and that too when you have built it from scratch to make it a successful business venture (that too after been recognized as a respectable brand in a particular industry)

And the worst part is getting into a second venture is getting a psychological block about having to start from the scratch..

Yeah I mean bootstrapping..

Well I am going talk about the lessons I learned when I decided to get into a new business..

After struggling for two years I made my first venture, a sports management venture into a successful and respectable venture in the sports industry, and the company was the first and a stand-alone sports events company in chennai..and after four successful years, I launched a non-profit trust mainly focusing on organizing marathons and thereby raising funds for  important social issues..I created the chennai’s first and exclusive women’s marathon titled Chennai Pink Run, an event to raise awareness on breast cancer..

But due to lots of personal reasons, I had to quit the events business and was left with no choice but to choose a new business model or getting into a job.

But the entrepreneurial bug is hard to shake off so I was back in business…

Then when I decided to get back into PR and digital marketing consulting, I faced several psychological blocks..

  1. I wasn’t able to accept the reality that again I have to bootstrap
  2. I was having doubt if I really have the energy to start a new business from scratch again..
  3. I was thinking a lot on the future of my new business

Thanks to my parents and friends who constantly supported me emotionally and helped me bring back my passion of being an entrepreneur. That made me get into this new business with full enthusiasm.

The lessons I learned:

  1. Don’t dwell on your past, even though it was glorious and successful..past is to be buried.
  2. Don’t think a lot about future..future is unpredictable
  3. Live your present..focus on the current business scenario, you can always create the future…(It is irony that I had to learn this the hard way, as I followed the same guidelines listed above in my past business, but sub-consciously)
  4. Be passionate about what you do…I still retain my wall hanging from my previous office which says “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going”. To be tough you have to be passionate about what you do.
  5. Humans are neither a renewable nor a non-renewable energy source. It’s all about our mind and it is up to us to bring back the old energy.

I hope these lessons can be applied for anything in life, be it business, relationships etc.



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Rajalingam Manickavasan

Rajalingam Manickavasan is a PR and digital marketing consultant and founder – toss brandcom, a digital marketing and PR agency based in Chennai..

He blogs @ www.Rajalingam.in and he’s on FB @ www.facebook.com/theRajalingam and tweets @ www.twitter.com/theRajalingam