Lessons Learnt from maintaining a Diary


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Lessons Learned

I’ve been writing a diary from the age of 10. Initially I would write the small incidents of my school life, the anger towards by biological mom and her indifferent behaviour, but later I started writing poetry in Hindi, Marathi and English. I experimented with stories and also wrote my opinions about social issues.

Many a times when we are stuck in a challenging situation or problem, we associate ourselves so much that we seldom look beyond the situation. Writing the situation in a third person’s view, gives a fresh perspective and helps us take better decisions.

Over the years, words became my best friends and through them I could vent out all my emotions. Putting the emotions of love, curiosity, anxiousness, jealousy, hatred, hurt and guilt on paper helped me to calm myself. Writing a diary was highly therapeutic and it helped me gain more control over my emotions.

Recording anecdotes from my life helped me to capture those wonderful moments and today when I read some of my old diaries, I am surprised to see how much I’ve grown as a human being. Memories stay alive in the form of words in the diary and your diary could be a best gift to someone whom you love!

Writing my gratitude list at the end of the day makes me appreciate my life even more. I urge the readers to write at least three things they are grateful for everyday night, in a small notepad of your choice. You will be amazed by the results.

Writing regularly helped me hone my writing skills. I write random stuff for ten to fifteen minutes, describe the sky, the leaves, the road, the buildings or a rainbow. Its fun and who knows maybe you could be a bestselling author in future.

Gayatri Aptekar

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Gayatri Aptekar

A curious student of Life, Gayatri believes in the power of Dreams. She quit her career as a Research Associate to follow her passion of writing and interacting with people. A Master Practitioner of NLP, she is a NLP Healer and a life coach. She can be found at “Outside the Kitchen Window” (gsaptekar84@gmail.com ) wielding her magical wand to pen her thoughts, poems, fictitious stories, mouth-tingling recipes and book

Writing is an art which brings peace to your soul. Why wait…go grab an awesome diary and some super smooth colourful pens!